8 Oktober 2010

profil t-ara


Birth name: Ham Eun-jung (함은정)
Date of birth: December 12, 1988
Appeared in SG Wannabe's "Gashiri" music video.
Appeared in F.T. Island's "Love Sick", "Thunder", and "Only One Person" music videos.
Featured in film Death Bell and TVXQ drama series "Dating on Earth".
Participated in "Wonder Woman" single with Seeya and Davichi.

Birth name: Park Sun-young (박선영)
Date of birth: May 30, 1989
Appeared in F.T. Island's "Heaven" music video.
Appeared in SS501's "Unlock" music video.
Appeared in SG Wannabe's "Amazing Breakup" music video along with fellow ex-member Jiwon
Participated in "Wonder Woman" single with Seeya and Davichi.
One of the regular casts in KBS "Invincible Youth" (2009/2010)

Ji Yeon.

Birth name: Park Ji-yeon (박지연)
Date of birth: June 7, 1993
Participated in "Women's Generation" single with Seeya and Davichi.
Starred in 2009 drama Soul.
Starred in 2010 drama God of Study.


Birth Name: Jeon Bo-ram (전보람)
Date of birth: March 22, 1986
Released solo EP in 2008 titled From Memory.
Appeared in Kebee's "Feeling You" music video.
Appeared in 2009 drama Soul.
Appeared in Tik Tok music drama with 2PM and Yoon Eun Hye.

So Yeon.

Birth name: Park In-jung (박인정)
Date of birth: October 5, 1987
Won Gold in 2005 CMB ChinChin Music Festival competition.
Former SM trainee and former Girl Generation's leader, left shortly before debut due to personal reasons.
Former regular on KBS' Invincible Baseball


Birth name: Lee Ji-hyun (이지현)
Date of birth: December 12, 1986
Appeared in 2009 drama Queen Seon Duk.
Appeared solo on the cover of Ceci Magazine in October 2009
Modeled for a number of companies before debut

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